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Encouraging Reading
Old 06-08-2019, 04:49 PM
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Matching kids to books is the most important thing. Get to know what they're interested in, and help them find books they'll really like. (And don't ignore non-fiction. - It's sometimes just the hook for reluctant readers, especially boys!)

I find that allowing kids to find "a comfy spot" other than their desks also tends to increase the buy-in during reading time. (And I don't see how some of them are at all comfortable - they pick under desks and such - but I allow anywhere safe.)

Some more "event" type ideas:

book picnic day - Bring a beach towel and read outside on the school lawn. (This one also works inside with blanket forts.)

Flashlight Friday - Turn off the lights and read for a few minutes by flashlights/lanterns.

"blind date with a book" - I saw this in a library display, and you'd need to come up with a more age-appropriate title, but basically, you wrap the books in brown paper (like from grocery bags) and just put a few clues on the outside.

book commercials - I think I saw this idea on Pinterest?? - The kids write and perform a commercial for a book they read, "selling" it as a recommendation to their friends.

reading ribbons - Check the office supply store for old-fashioned adding machine tape. Give them each a long (but not too intimidating) strip, and they write the title of each book they finish. As they run out of space, tape another piece on. The rolls get thicker and thicker throughout the year, and they become amazed at how much they read!
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