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Clip to ScrapBook #4

I did my student teaching in first grade, it's a wonderful grade! So hopefully I can help

1. Are you allowed to read them the questions? I know it's a test and obviously you can't tell them what a certain word means or help with answers, but first graders are still learning to read. I would think you would be allowed to read them the questions. Explain that they need to be following along and not working ahead. Make sure they know it's graded based on correct answers, not how quickly you get done. And explain that when you rush, you can make careless mistakes. If that didn't work, they would lose 2 DoJo points every time I saw them work ahead when I explained not to. That may sound silly, but it'll stop the behavior.

2. What is your management system? ClassDojo works wonderfully for first graders! Students can earn individual and class rewards (let me know if you need ideas for rewards, I have some good ones) when their points reach a certain amount. They can earn points for positive behaviors and lose points for negative behaviors. I would be taking away individual points each time they started fighting. If that didn't work and the behavior continued, I would go to plan B. Some people don't like this but this is only my opinion. You don't have to use it if you don't want to. I'm just sharing what works. I would do something like "Oh no! Johnny and James can't keep their hands to themselves. That's not how we should be behaving as a community. We've all lost a point. And that's sad because we're close to that pajama party" The other kids will be upset and will most likely respond with "Thanks a lot Johnny and James." and they'll stop. It's worked for me in the past. Sometimes they just need a little bit of peer pressure and the bad behavior stops.

3. Same thing. Losing DoJo points. If you take points away every time this occurs (after you've already warned them and told them to stop), the behavior will eventually stop.

4. I know the perfect solution to this one. I struggle a little with management, just being honest but this is something I've never had a problem with. Whenever the line is loud, find a student who is quiet. "I LOVE how quiet Greta is being in the hallway. She's facing forward and has the quiet signal up. Thank you Greta for setting a great example for the entire class" They stop talking immediately because they want their name to be called. Always praise those who are doing a good job. Compliment, compliment, compliment! Then the other kids will want to be like him or her. Sometimes just complimenting works. It often does with the little ones. Even before you go out into the hallway, do the same thing and say "Greta is ready to go out into the hallway. She's setting a great example for how we all should be" Make sure you have the line quiet before going out into the hallway. Also, you can say the same thing I posted above and then say "Greta has earned a point" and give her a point so the sound goes off and they hear it. This works like a charm. Another trick, tell them we don't leave until everyone is quiet. Like when lining up for lunch and recess. And then say "We're late to lunch/recess. We've lost 2 minutes of our lunch/recess already because we're still talking"

I hope these tips help!
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