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Main Idea & Key Details
Old 07-13-2019, 09:07 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #5

Oh geesh! I should look at the top dates *face palm*

Here’s what I do...

Show these objects: bag of flour, a mixing bowl, whisk, rolling pin.
Ask: What do these objects have in common? (Kitchen/cooking)What could they be used to do/make? (To bake).
Explain: The main idea (purpose) is baking but all these objects (details) were clues to help us understand / figure out the main idea.

I would also have pictures in bags for groups/pairs. They would look at the pics. For example: baseball glove, cleats, hat, baseball, jersey. They would have to be detectives to figure out the main idea. We’d do a quick pair/share & whip around whole group.

Then I’d hand out & read a short paragraph with them about an animal (I have these great animal main idea/key details non-fiction paragraphs with a graphic organizer that I got from TPT. They’re super quick as practice or formative assessment). I’d model reading, underlining key details, filling out the graphic organizer together whole group.

Same animal paragraph resource (different animal/text). Have students read & complete independently. I’d circulate, check-in, model correction.

Have students share what they underlined for key details. Share the conclusion of the main idea. Reward hard work with stickers, high fives, etc

This might be more than you wanted but I’m home with my baby now. Can you tell I miss teaching

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