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Homework Folder
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Clip to ScrapBook #4

There are several ways you can do this.

Some teachers label the pockets with something similar to “to return” and “to keep”...

Some teachers just use it as a conduit - kids take papers from their mailbox and put it in the folder to take home.

My English classroom counterparts while I was teaching bilingual used Jessica Tobin’s method and loved it. There was an assignment page plus four pages of homework each week that would be put in the folder. Also, we did baggy books, so one pocket would hold their just right book to take home and read. The teachers added poly folder with prongs to the supply list - this way, the plastic folders last longer. The only downside is initially the teachers set them up every week. This is the link to 2nd grade version they used if you’re interested:

But my favorite way to do this is a little bit modified from that.
I asked for the poly folders w/ prongs.

I also asked for an extra paper folder. I made a sight/spelling word folder out of the paper folder - here is the link to instructions for that:

This mini folder always goes in the left hand pocket of the poly folder. I put a page protector in the prongs. This is where I put newsletters, notes to parents, permission slips, other important information. The right hand pocket was for the decidable book we used with the Journeys curriculum.

As we go through the year, I also add a sandwich baggy with math flash cards.

My homework is designed for kids to be able to do it alone or with somebody - my kids were often very much alone due to parents working multiple jobs, spending more time at the babysitter than at home, etc. I only asked them to read for 15 minutes (decidable book), practice sight/spelling words for 10 minutes (mini folder), and math facts for 5 minutes. Nothing written, nothing to turn in, only practice and reinforcement, and never more than half an hour.
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