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Moving to 2nd in a hoarder's old classroom
Old 07-16-2019, 11:03 AM
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I am moving from 4th to 2nd. I've never taught 2nd grade before. I have inherited a classroom with piles and piles of junk leftover from the previous teacher who retired and just left everything in the classroom! She literally walked out and took nothing with her from 25 years of teaching in that same room. She taught math, science, and social studies to 3rd graders, and I will be teaching ELA to 2nd. I am in a very old district. The classroom has a dozen old metal shelves, a computer table, a rectangle table, and 3 metal file cabinets. The district nor school has any money to purchase something new...I will have to make do with the furniture that is already there.

I really could use some help with turning this room into a 2nd grade learning environment. I can't see the trees for the forrest at this point. I don't know what types of spaces I will need in the classroom...for instance, where so I put a library, do I need a morning meeting space, do I need a place for small groups, etc. What other kinds of learning areas do second graders need?

I really struggle with time management and organizing chaos. I desperately need a plan of attack: an organized list of necessities to help me get started? Every time I walk into that room, I just get overwhelmed and don't know where or how to get started! I have very little time (3 weeks) and during that time my last child will be leaving the nest for college. I just don't even know where to begin. I have almost gotten rid of all the junk left in the classroom, but I'm left with all of these metal shelves, file cabinets, and old computer tables. The 3 computers in the room are almost completely covered in layers of dust and a million tangled cords, I'm not sure if they'll actually work when I finally do clean them up and plug them in. Please help me out if you possibly can...I am officially drowning!! Thank you very very much!

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