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Clip to ScrapBook #4

I feel slightly guilty because I have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. I am trying to purge and would never just walk out! I'd love to hear what happened to the previous teacher. Had to be some kind of drama.

Because you have very little time right now just do a basic setup, and then as you have time you can decorate more.

First, I if you have any cupboards I doubt you will need three file cabinets so get rid of two. If you don't have cupboards keep all three for storage. Next year you can spray paint them a cute color. This year just decorate with bulletin board trim and/or posters. Student supplies/games can be in the lower drawers.

You'll need a large library. Second graders read shorter books than 4th graders so you need lots. Make sure the shelves are secured and not going to fall over. I organize my books in plastic baskets by reading level or by author. The rectangular table can be for small groups. You also need a gathering spot where everyone can sit on the carpet (do you have carpet?) and where you will teach whole group lessons. Don't worry about the computers right now if you are pressed for time.

Good luck. Second grade is the best.
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