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2nd grade hoarders room
Old 07-25-2019, 02:12 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #5

I just retired from 25 years in first grade.

You need to have a library. If you donít have books, invite the kids to bring in books from home right away to get started. Try goodwill for books and ask other teachers in your school to donate until you get some.

Make meeting place on the floor, carpet I hope for whole class lessons.
Use your rectangle table for small group lessons.

Dollar stores have cheap bins and baskets for books.

Get computer person to help you set them up or get rid of them.

I came into my room from a veteran teacher who left moldy posters she loved and lots of junk. What a project to get room ready so I feel for you.

In June, I left my room carrying two bags. Every cabinet, closet, shelf, drawer was empty. I gave everything to other teachers, aides, students or threw it out. I just canít imagine walking away without cleaning out the room. Best of luck to you. Second graders are wonderful and willlove anything you do with them. Hugs!

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