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I wonder...
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Clip to ScrapBook #2

I wonder what questions they have asked you. Did they ask you questions about your resume content or questions specific to your demo lesson? If they did ask questions about your demo lesson, how do you think you answered them? Usually, administrators want to know how you reflect as a professional. For example, a typical question "if you had to teach this lesson again, what would you do differently" is asked a lot. Also, they normally ask questions about your assessment techniques and how you know that students were engaged, or how you know they learned anything, if at all. As far as you asking for the feedback, you may have asked, but I doubt they would have given you a thorough feedback. They may have just said, "your lesson went well", or "I think it was a nice lesson" or something like that.

You may want to send, unless you have already done so, a Thank You email, thanking the administration for an opportunity to teach a lesson and that you hope to hear from them very soon.

Lastly, you may also give them a call, maybe, a week later to just check in.

I hope this helps!
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