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Interview Question
Old 04-23-2020, 05:43 PM
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I recently had an interview that I thought went well, but was not selected for the position (even though the principal admitted they were still looking at other candidates).

I asked the principal for feedback, and he said that one of the red flags for them was when they asked me how many failing students I believe is acceptable. I said that, ideally, zero students should be failing. That we as teachers should do what we can to help our students succeed, but that in reality there will be a handful who choose to fail by not doing the work.

I may not have been quite as clear in my response at the time, but he in his feedback he said that time shouldn't be an issue when it comes students who struggle.

Personally I completely agree, and I stand by my view that ideally that all students should succeed. But realistically, there will be students that make the choice to not complete work. As a middle school teacher I've encountered more than a handful of students that fail multiple or all of their core classes, despite the the interventions and efforts that their teachers (and even parents) put into place. Much like the proverbial horse being led to water, despite our best intentions we can't force a student to succeed, there needs to be at least some effort on their part.


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