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Clip to ScrapBook #4

I did it as a reward when I taught 5th grade. The students could earn for Dojo points when I used Dojo points. It was a class incentive for a reward as well where each student got to bring in an item we did show and tell. I also did it for writing, when we were writing memoirs. We did pre-writing lessons on strategies for finding memoir topics and one was find an object and write about your memory of that object. The students each had to bring in an object, share orally about it, and then they practiced writing their story down. The students loved it!

In addition to using it in the ways I shared above, do you do a class meeting/community circle? This could be something you do there. Maybe each day allow a certain number of people to share, so students have assigned days. They can share during the meeting if they wanted. Having a schedule where not everyone shares the same day would help cut back on time.
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