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Drama Follow Up Activities
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Clip to ScrapBook #2

After having them mime the emotions, you can have them add sound and movement to the emotion. You can play "Emotion Statues." Everyone is frozen, and if you go by and tap them, they must come alive with the sound and movement that accompanies the emotion.

Next, you could have the children think about what kind of person would have that emotion and why. As homework, they can go home and create a character with a name, mannerisms, and even a costume. For the next class, they must introduce themselves as their character based on the emotion. They must tell why the character feels that way.

For the next class, get the kids into groups of three or four as organically as possible. Say something like, "Get into groups of three with the characters LEAST like your own." You may need to talk first about the emotions that are opposite from the emotion their character has.

In those small groups, they must come up with a story about the characters. What is their relationship? Are they brothers and sisters? Did they simply meet on the road traveling? Are they co-workers? Friends? You may wish to give them a brief story outline such as "Once upon a time, there was ___________________and every day she______________________until one day____________________________ _______and then___________________________ ______and then___________________________ ___and then a terrible thing happened_______________________ ______. But she decided________________________ ______and ever since that day______________________. Invite kids to practice their skit, and perform for each other at the end of class. Audience members must guess which emotion each character was based on.

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