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new elementary music teacher
Old 07-22-2012, 06:27 PM
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This will be my first year teaching elementary music (I've been a middle school band director for three years) and I have many, many questions. First of all, I have behavior incentive charts designed for my classes (a fun Monopoly game and I treble clef chart) and my expectations are going to be based off of the school's PBS behavior system. I've been doing PBS for three years, so I'm very familiar with it. However, I want to have some small incentives for the kids to get while they are in the process of finishing the charts. I figure it will be pretty hard for them to wait an entire semester for a reward so I want to have some built it. Does anyone have any really good incentives that don't take up a lot of time? I only see the kids once a week for thirty minutes so every second is valuable. I was thinking music games (which I have to do some research on), listening or singing one of their favorite songs, watching Animusic for five minutes, etc. I really want the incentives to be music-based and worthwhile to the students.

Secondly, I'm going to be running an after-school choir one day a week and have very little experience with elementary choir. Any thoughts on literature? Do you teach students how to read music? In elementary band it was expected but a specific fingering produced a certain note so I feel that teaching notes is a little more difficult in choir. Any thoughts, methods to do this?

Finally, I also want to do some sort of instrumental ensemble, maybe even with trash cans and other household objects. I did this at the middle school level and they LOVED IT. Is there anything out there for elementary ensembles? These students (unless they're taking lessons) will not have experience playing instruments except for some basic recorder playing and Orff instruments.

I lied, one more thing... I also want to incorporate Orff instruments in my curriculum, but, once again, have no experience. I'm sure there are resources out there but am not sure what the best ones are. I'm going to try to get Orff certified this year but in the meantime, I have to fake my way through. I definitely have experience playing mallet instruments, but don't know the lingo or processes for teaching these instruments. I heard Mallet Madness was a pretty good resource.

Thanks for all your help.

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