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App Suggestions
Old 05-26-2014, 03:57 AM
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Hi Teach72,
You didn't say if you wanted paid or free apps, so let me comment on that first. I've been using iPods & iPads for a few years now. Money is tight and our first inclination is to look for free apps. Unfortunately, most are either crap, not full versions, or full of ads that distract (taking students to the App store or the Internet with one click in most cases). Not to worry though, there ARE some actual good quality FREE apps out there, but the majority cost. The good news is that most are inexpensive and remember that when you buy and app, you can use it on all of your devices.

You also didn't say what grade level you are using it for. I'm from the land of K-5, so that's where my suggestions are coming from. So, here I go. These are the apps I am currently using with my kiddos on their iPads:

1. Vocabulary/Spelling City- Free
This is an app where you can input weekly spelling/vocabulary lists. Students can use the lists for games, flashcards, practice tests, sentence practice etc. You'll have to make an account on the website ( which is free too.

2. Word Wizard- $2.99
Great app for all kinds of word work practice. It also can do spelling practice lists.

3. Write About This-Free
This is a writing prompt app that has categories of pictures to inspire writing. You can also take your own pictures to use as prompts. It has three different levels of prompts and allows you to write your own prompts. Students can write within the app. You can email the finished product to yourself for printing. I have the paid version which has more prompts.

4. Book Creator- $4.99
Yeah, this one is pricey, but well worth it. It's an app that allows students to make their own epub books for iBooks. It's very easy to use. You just add pictures from your photo gallery on the iPad (take your pictures for the book first), type text on each page and send it to iBooks with one click. I like it because it's a great way to have reading material for students at their reading level.

5. K12 Timed Reading & Comprehension Practice Lite- FREE
The paid version for this is $3.99 which offers more passages. This app is great. You can add student accounts and keep data on their fluency and comprehension of passages read. Students can read passages in or out of their grade level.

6. Fast Facts Math- $4.99
Another pricey one, but you won't be disappointed. THIS IS THE BEST BASIC FACTS APP OUT THERE. Here's why- 1. You can set up individual student accounts to keep data. 2. It doesn't just tell a student they are wrong on an answer. Students can review the correct answer with a visual representation immediately after an incorrect answer. 3. After each round, the percentage correct is given and the facts missed are shown. This report can be emailed to the teacher by the student easily. 4. The teach can go back at any time and review the student's long term data and/or print it out.

I'm also attaching a Word doc with other free apps. If some aren't free now it's because they may have been on special at the time I made the list (around January 2014). Good luck to you!
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