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Need some advice!
Old 08-24-2011, 04:21 PM
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Hi all,
Sorry in advance if I'm long-winded!

I went to RC1 this summer and have been really excited about implementing everything in my room. Morning meeting is going really well, and I've been working VERY hard on changing my language. We've been working on hopes & dreams, and are in the process of rule creating. I have a large group of firsties this year (25 to be exact), and for the most part, they are doing wonderfully.

I do have 2 very difficult students, however. One has ADHD, and the meds aren't so effective-I think he's had a growth spurt & it will be a month before he can get in to the dr. He is also a repeater, so it's extra important that he starts off on the right foot this year. He literally wanders around the room ALL day, and has not been able to complete any work that we've done. He's not particularly loud or bothering other students, but it's driving ME nuts!

My other, more concerning student is extremely loud and explosive. He was literally climbing the walls in my room yesterday--not sure how that works, but he was up there. He screams, throws things, jumps off of desks/tables, and does the whole drop to the floor like a limp noodle thing so I can't budge him when he refuses to walk out to take a break. Last year in K, he had to drop down to 1/2 day b/c he couldn't handle a full day. He's already on a behavior tracker, and talking with him doesn't have any effect b/c he just closes his eyes and screams/runs away whenever I approach him. We've been in school for 10 days and he's already been removed from the room almost every day by the principal. I'm struggling here because all of the other kiddos are working so hard to ignore his behavior, but it's nearly impossible when he's on top of them and running laps around our rug at meeting time.

Whew! Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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