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Old 10-14-2019, 06:40 PM
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Oh I'm so sorry. I've been there and it makes our difficult job near impossible. Here are a few things I would do immediately:
  • Get anyone and everyone in to observe - speech, ot, sped, counselor, ap, principal, anyone you can think of.
  • Have a sit down with the rest of your students on a day he is out (or have your assistant take him out on a task). Tell them how proud you are that they are good role models, even when their friend is having a hard time. Heap on the praise. Let them know that you see their good work and appreciate it.
  • Document document document. Everything. So hard to do but so necessary. Have your assistant document behaviors as you are teaching. Make some kind of checklist to make it easier on you both and make it very clear the behaviors you are seeing. I always include time on task since for most of those students it's very little.
  • Bring in the parents and ask for help with the sensory issues. What helps him calm down? What do they do at home? Do they have any suggestions?
  • Ignore the behaviors that you can. If he is not being disruptive or destructive ignore it and focus on the rest of the class. Easier said than done, I know.
  • Let go of the academics with him. Sad, but his issues need to be addressed first.
  • Do you have specials? Be sure the specials teachers tell admin what is happening in their classes as well.
  • Be kind to yourself. These kids are so draining and it's so easy to beat yourself up for the things you feel you are not doing for the others. It might not be your best year but your other kids will be okay. Take some mental health days.
Best of luck. I hope you get the support you need and quickly.
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