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back to school night... yikes.
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I've been teacher 16 years and I still get sick the night of back to school.
This is what has helped in the past.
On the kids tables I have a self-portrait they have made of themselves, and on the back there are some clues of themselves. The parents are encouraged to find their child's portrait and have a seat, (they enjoy trying to find their own child). On the desks there is a long post it, a flashcard and a packet. The post it is to leave their child a personal note to let them know they met their teacher and saw their classroom. I ask the parents to make it personal. The flashcard is for the parents to ask me any question i may not have addressed during the presentation. i ask them to please leave their name, child's name, phone number and e-mail. I let them know I will answer their question soon, but to give me a few days. I always make sure to follow a very specific agenda that I have made in advanced.
And the more important thing my very first principal shared with me on the very first day I taught... "Fake it till you make it!" They don't know what YOU don't know.
p.s. make sure your room is tidy and very clean. Hide the mess in your storage.

Good luck!!
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