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Clip to ScrapBook #3

I agree with Kahlua- I would specifically bring the data into the conversation and ask for further explanation.

I also agree that test scores aren't everything. I work with a K teacher this year who was non-renewed. She really struggled with management and my P expects a very structured environment. This teacher just had a different philosophy that didn't really fit in with that. The teacher was extremely upset at our end of year data team because all but 2 of her students were at least "yellow" in DIBELS (my school/district is obsessed with DIBELS), up from something like 90% being "red" at the beginning of the year.

However, we have a daily intervention block where many of her students were seen by me as the sped teacher, intervention teachers, or other classroom teachers. The interventionists and I also saw students outside of that block. While the data is good, she's not the only one responsible for it. I also personally think that many of her students will struggle in 1st because they don't have many skills beyond the rote stuff that was necessary for good DIBELS scores in K (basically, quick naming of letter names and sounds).

I'm not at all saying this is your situation, it's just a situation I happen to be involved in where data didn't tell the whole story about the teacher. At the very least, you deserve an explanation of why the data isn't "good enough" for your admin.

If that doesn't work out, might you be happier in a setting that more appreciates your style of teaching anyway? This teacher that I work with worked at our school for 3 years with many chances for improvement before being non-renewed. I personally think she'd be significantly happier in a play-based setting anyway and wonder why she didn't pursue that earlier. Now it's been much more difficult for her because she has the non-renewal on her record.

Even if the situation is just 100% unfair, I'd consider looking for other positions over continuing with this improvement plan next year. IME, these plans are just used as documentation to get rid of teachers later.
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