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Subbing in fall
Old 06-11-2020, 03:16 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #4

I also think that subs will be in need because with the current push towards teachers (and others) to stay home at every sniffle, I think teachers will be taking off days that they might not have, in the past. I think they will need us.

I think a lot of subs won't be returning, either, for fear of the virus, so even if students are only physically at school 2 or 3 days a week, I think (hope?) it will all wash in the end.

I'm glad to hear NJSub say they got a raise. In CA, Newsom had said, before (may have changed since then), that there'd be a 10% cut in education, and I wondered if they'd lowered our pay. They haven't, yet, at least.

Things are opening up, but I know many people that are still scared and staying home. I know of 2 subs at my school that will surprise me, if they return.

I wish the districts would tell us more about what subbing may look like in the Fall (if they know), or at least tell us SOMETHING.

This is easy for me to say because I don't have a family, especially kids, depending on my job, though. I really feel for people that are dependant on this job, especially if kids are involved.
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