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Unemployment Screwed Up My Claim Big Time
Old 06-26-2020, 04:10 AM
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My situation: I was initially only approved unemployment for four weeks back in March, but at a very high amount (about $700/week, plus the $600/week federal boost)

Then, I exhausted. So I called, emailed, and even got a Senator involved to help me get the 13 week extension.

Well, I finally got an email yesterday that I was sent backpay for all those weeks and also got a letter in the mail clearing me for an additional 3 weeks from today. (I assume this is part of the 13 week extension). But, then I received a phone call from DOL warning me of an error on my monetary calculation and I may have to pay back some of this money that was just released to me. Therefore, just wanted to ask you subs out there who worked almost every day, about how much per week is unemployment paying you, aside from the $600/week federal boost? I am asking this because I am trying to get an idea how much I was overpaid by unemployment before I get that dreaded notice.

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