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Hi broomrider:
While the $600 boost in unemployment benefits will end sooner that expected, it isn't because UI recipients are making more money on unemployment or reluctant to to return to work, but rather due to when each state's UI weekly payout cycle ends, the CARES act was always set to end on or before July 31st;
July 31 falls on a Friday this year, which is a problem because states typically pay out unemployment benefits on a weekly cycle that ends on Saturday or Sunday. And because of the wording of the CARES Act, that means states will end the $600 extra payments on July 25 or 26, rather than on the very last day of the month.
Yes it is hard, especially when it takes a CARES package like this to shed some light on the fact that American's 40 hr a week paychecks aren't really cutting it for them or their family. Peace.
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