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In my district, the plan is that classrooms will be arranged so that all students face the same direction. They can have the masks off there unless they are doing something collaborative. Masks are required during passing periods, lunch line, and buses. Students will be one to a seat except siblings. Students who live close enough will now have to walk to school.

You just know there will be kids who place it under their nose or otherwise not effective use. Unfortunately, there are plenty of parents here who will encourage that behavior and argue that they are following the rules and "wearing" the mask. This is bound to be a constant policing issue.

Families are being asked to choose either in-person or remote learning and stick with that choice for 9 weeks or (HS) one semester with no switching back and forth. Remote learning will not be elearning as it was in the spring. Students will now enroll in a designated online curriculum.

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