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possible reasons for fewer jobs
Old 01-27-2018, 10:52 AM
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I realize that this forum is far reaching and we work in different districts across the country (and even Canada). I can only speak for what I've seen in the 3 districts where I've worked.

In the 2 years I've subbed, I have seen a lot of fluctuation in the number of sub jobs. I've had to stick mainly with a district that pays less because the others seem to have more than enough subs lately.

I think the main reason for the sudden influx of subs is that, in my state, there had been a massive layoff of teachers a few years ago, followed by a surge in teacher retirements, followed by a sudden dire need for teachers. There are tons of colleges around here that offer credential programs (not to mention all the online universities), and there's been a huge influx of credential program students and graduates flooding the school work force.

The substitute teachers I've seen around fall into two age categories: seniors and college age. The majority are college age people. So I'd attribute the lack of jobs to the sudden surge in credential program students. On a positive note, there is also a lot of attrition among that group as they move on to full-time jobs of some sort.

I guess to be realistic, subbing is neither a lucrative nor very reliable way to earn a living. There are no benefits, no job security, and there will always be fluctuations in job availability (not to mention no jobs during holidays and summer). If you need a good, steady income, then there are definitely better choices.

In my case, I sub because I am semi-retired, love teaching, and enjoy having the flexibility to work when I choose.

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