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I am so sorry that
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this happened to you. You have gotten good advice. Here goes with my two cents. This teacher is not someone you can trust. She has shown who she is by not bringing up these topics with you before. If she cared about you and wanted to work as a team she would not have gone crying to the principal and then brought up petty complaints. Do not meet with her alone, email, text, or phone her during the summer. If you are forced to meet with her and the principal, do not do it unless you are on duty. Have a union rep present and follow their advice. If any questions are asked of you, think about responding from a place of knowledge rather than defending yourself and being emotional. Think about how to phrase things. Such as

I havenít missed any deadlines this year. What makes you think I have forgotten things?

Missed emails
We do receive many emails. Which ones did I not respond to?

I attended our planning time each week. I welcomed new ideas and worked on implementing new things. If there are areas in particular which you feel you need help in, let me know and I will be give you some ideas to try. Or. . .our planning styles are quite different. I like to think things over and think about how things might work with the students i have. I like to let ideas settle in my mind before I draw a conclusion.

I hope this gives you some ideas. I also wanted to add that your principal is not to be trusted either. I hope your union will support you!

Take some time for yourself and enjoy your summer.
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