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Some ideas..
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I am a first year teacher, but in 1st grade. I just got into a routine, and then my administration staff turned our schedules upside down (literally) and we are getting new math curriculum. (After I went and spent hours searching for the curriculum I currently have.) Here are a few things that have helped me:

-I literally spent this past weekend copying, laminating, and other things to get ahead so I can focus on other things. I try to give an entire weekend a month to nothing but school work.
-My school has an after school program, so I have the older kids come to my room to grade homework/worksheets, sharpen pencils, put mail in mailboxes, etc. I have them do little things that are mindless and it lets me focus on other important things.
-I have made a weekly and monthly checklist, so that I remember everything that needs to be done (Change helpers, book-in-a-bag, hang word wall words, change calendar, etc) I have found that no matter how hard I try, I cannot remember it all yet.
-USE ANYONE THAT IS WILLING TO HELP! My boyfriend, best friend, and mom offer to help sometimes and I NEVER turn them down! I can have them cut things out, copy, file papers, etc.

Hope this helps some!
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