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I'm not a new teacher but after decades of teaching the biggest issue with me was timely paper grading.

The person who suggested that the kids grade their own homework had a great idea.

One thing that might help you with filing is to have a hanging folder for each subject you teach. Our third grade only has spelling, reading, english, and math on their report cards. So you would have four hanging files that are easy to get too. When you have extra papers at the end of the day, put them in the correct folder to file later. The reason that you separate them into subjects is to make it easier if you need to find something.

Some teachers leave papers, markers, pencils, etc. all over the room as they teach. If you are like that, it would take a lot of time at the end of the day to straighten up. Have a procedure where a student is in charge of bringing all the papers to your desk at the end of the day. Another student could be in charge of markers being in the right place.

Have a check off sheet so that you can check off the students who have turned in the paper so that you know who you need to collect a paper from at the end of the day.

Have a tray that is designated LATE WORK. Never let that get mixed up with the regular papers that you are grading. You can take home sets of papers to grade, but the LATE WORK is best done at school because it takes longer to grade.

Have student folders to put graded work in so that it is easy to pass out on Thursday if you do Thursday Folders.

Another set of files that you need is a hanging file folder for each story in your anthology.

Have a file for each month. For instance December is coming up. In your file, you'd have things such as special art activities, worksheets, copies of Christmas party notes, Poem about December, Christmas, etc.

I had a gingerbread file, an angel file, a calendar of important observances.

For Feb. Black History Month, Valentines etc.

You have to have a place to put everything or it will continue to overwhelm you. Scissors have a special place, gluesticks have a special place. You always know where to get things.

I'm really good at organizing, so if you would like to have help on any certain thing, just contact me. reademmy # (no spaces)
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