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me too!
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Omg....reading this I was thinking the whole time "wait....did someone post on here about my life to try to get advice for me!?" I also have a first grader with cognitive delays that I'm constantly dropping everything for and reporting to the scene for. I've never experienced any physical behavior issues with him when I'm working with him, but they happen constantly when he's not with me. Mine also has no FBA/BIP and it took until last week (almost MARCH! of his second year of these behaviors...) to get the team to agree to get permission to test to start the FBA process.

You can't decide not to do something a child needs because it would require an IEP meeting. HAVE AN IEP MEETING!! I have some kids on my caseload that we've already had 3-4 IEP meetings for this year because we were adding/changing/adjusting things for them. That's definitely an excuse admin is hiding behind. Ask them why you can't just....have an IEP meeting?

I don't really have any advice since I've experienced everything you've said myself over the course of the last 8 years in several schools....just wanted to let you know you're not alone and I think this is kind of common for resource teachers! The school I taught at years ago pulled me daily from my reading/math groups to assist with children in meltdown when I would arrive on the scene knowing nothing beyond "he's in crisis." I would often have to use context clues (i.e. what in the room had been destroyed, who/what the child was yelling about) to try to figure out what might have happened and then go from there.

Hang in there! It's not you!
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