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Clip to ScrapBook #4

You need to have the general education teacher complete a ABC form. This form documents A- antecedent B- Behavior C- Consequence. It has to be very specific for it to be of value.

Example -

Do not do A- working on addition, B - threw paper on floor C was asked to sit down

This is not enough information it should be:
A- Was working on addition worksheet above his independent level, Ms Super Teacher noticed he was off task, Ms Super Teacher instructed student to get back to work
B- Student replied no
C - Was asked a second time to get back to work

A student was asked second time to get back to work
B Student stood up running around room screaming no
C Ms Second Teacher told student to sit down

Keep notating until student complies.

This takes a lot of the general education teacher's time. The ABC needs to tracked for 2 weeks every class every behavior, even if the student complies after the first request.

Once you receive the data you can use it to look for patterns such as:

Is it a certain person setting him off, is he becoming frustrated on work he perceives too difficult, is it a certain time of day, or a certain classroom atmosphere.

Until you can figure out a pattern for his behavior you can't write a BIP or a behavior contract
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