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Parent taught it wrong.
Old 10-16-2019, 10:34 AM
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I taught a lesson on 2 digit x 2 digit mulitplication using the partial products area model yesterday. We had already learned. 1 digit x multi digit partial and regrouping.
I sent homework to practice using the area model. Mom took it upon herself to tell the kid to not use the area model or partial products, but taught her regrouping. Except she taught the child wrong. Child was an hour late to school today, so missed the second part of the partial products lesson.
So now kid doesn't know how to use partial products, nor can she use regrouping.
Ugh. I tell my kids that if they don't understand the homework, STOP! Now I have to reteach both methods to this student, and undo the wrong method she was told to use.

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