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Clip to ScrapBook #3

My old school used it. I miss it. In class, I took my kids to the lab every other week to do it. I would assign them the lesson on whatever skill we were doing (inferencing, main idea, etc.), and when they finished they would work in their folders that were automatically generated from their MAPs testing. I would also assign homework on it and use it for extra credit.

It's very well designed content, interactive, and a lot of the kids said it really helped them understand the concept better. I felt like it did a very good job of hitting what the kids needed: If the get a question wrong, it stops and explains it. If they pick a wrong choice during the lesson, it loops into a sidebar that explains it further before it moves on.

I loved that it was easy for me to assign, assess, and grade their work.

They also used it as an intervention class. I think it worked well because, although the kids spent 80% of their class time on Compass, they didn't just plop them down and say "go". There was a lot of goal setting, reflection, and one-on-one help. They used Compass as a meaningful activity to keep the other kids engaged while they met with individuals.

All in all, I'm not lost without it, but I would be very excited if my new school were to get it.
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