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To the Moon
Old 03-25-2008, 11:17 AM
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woo pig,
One of my favourite solar system activities has to do with the distance to the moon. Most of us have a hard time grasping how huge the solar system is. For homework the class has to find the average distance to the moon and the length of the Earth's Equator.
The next day I have a globe on my desk and a ball I've borrowed from gym supplies that will represent the moon. I ask a couple volunteers to show me how far the moon should be from the earth.
We then record homework on the board. After some discussion we usually agree that the Equator is 40 000 km. and the average distance to the moon is 384 000 km.
Then I have them work in groups to calculate haw many trips around the Equator it takes to equal a trip to the moon.
Then we wrap yarn around the equator of our globe to find out how far away the moon should be placed.
Hope this works for you
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