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There's a website I used in the past. You could place your weight and it would calculate your weight on different planets. Also there was another website that would calculate your age on different planets once you put your birthday in. These websites were part of a web quest I had developed. You should also read Magic School Bus Gets Lost in Solar System. This particular book has a lot of facts the students will need to calculate their weight on different planets first then check their answer against the website.

I once did a summer space camp and the big project was developing a portable living space for Mars. Students would break up into small groups 3-4 and using plastic bags and straws invent a portable living area that could be taken into space. The models would all be inflated and then the groups would present their design. The class would vote on which design was the best. The winning design would then be built using clear 3-6 mil plastic sheeting and duct tape. You could then inflate the design using the custodian's fan (the kind used to dry large areas). The design was to hold at least 25 students.

Another thing we did was make a solar system using different sized styrofoam balls. Students would try to be as accurate as possible with paints and moons orbiting planets, even invisible ring for Neptune? Then we would hang them from the ceiling. I think Saturn has like 20-30 moons? We were able to place about 10. We also placed labels on the planets and origin of name.

Hope this helps.
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