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Ocean theme bulletin board
Old 08-02-2007, 09:56 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #5

I did one last year that my students loved. Each time I tried to take it down they would make comments it had to stay all year. I got an old net - you can purchase them at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars. I stuck to the small natural brown looking one and hung it in the bottom corner. I used old sea shells, sand dollars that had been chipped and a sea star and placed them in the net. You can also purchase these items in a little pack at Hobby Lobby or local craft stores. I also used aquarium plants (purchased from local pet store). You could create your own, but I liked the 3-d effect and the plastic did not fade or look worn at all by the end of the year. You can staple and reuse over and over again. I selected tall green stalks, short green and a few short maroon looking sea weed stalks. You can purchase really inexpensive ones - and just pull them apart to make it look like more. I placed the tall stalks on the edges and smaller ones were mixed across the bottom. I then had some old fabric I had used in previous years (purchased from Walmart) that had bright colorful fish in the fabric. I cut out about 10 of them and stapled them randomly around the board. There was a blue cloth back ground. I put construction paper in blue and green around the board and placed student work on it. You can use the same background and tweak the themes...Sea of Success...or fishing for knowledge and you can place vocab terms in the net and have a make shift fishing pole for students to select items out of the net - quick review game. It's nice to be able to keep the basic theme up and change the can use the colored plastic wrap as well...i just found that the other items withstood the students bumping up against throughout the year.

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