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Old 09-07-2020, 09:27 AM
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I did not file for unemployment in March like most. My last day was March 18. I want to file now but not sure its worth it.
My district is virtual and has very few jobs. However I have 3 children who are at home doing virtual learning. I don't have long term childcare for them. I barely have a day to day babysitter to use.
Can I still file unemployment because now technically I cannot take any job I am offered.
I already turned down a perfect long term virtual job due to the fact my own children are at home.
This would void normal unemployment times.
Would I get backdated to March if I file now?
Thanks for any info. I was just going to tough it out. My husband supports us with his job, thankfully. Things are getting tighter the longer I go without working.

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