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Clip to ScrapBook #4

I do an ABC artbook every year. I got the idea from Shari Sloane's website! I can't think of the address and it's book marked on my other computer. Another source I got Idea's from was Dr. Jean. Anyway, here is what I do!

A-Ants (thumbprints)
B-Blue Bubble Bops (use baloons in paint and bop them on paper) or Blue Bubbles
C-Car Tracks
D- Dots (I use paper hole punches, but can use bingo painters)
E- Elbow Painting
F- Finger Paint
G-Glitter Glue (use as a paint and paint a pictures) or Glitter Glue Globs (put glue on and blow through a straw to get designs)
H-Hand prints
I- Ink splats
J- Jazzy Junk (use different things to paint like toothbrush, juice boxes, sponges, etc)
K- Kool-aid Paint or Key rubbings
L-Letters (cut out of magazine) or Little to Large (draw a small shape and trace around it bigger and bigger)
M-Marble Paint
N- Nature Scene
O-Orange O's (use Toilet paper rolls)
P- Pudding Paint, or Purple Potatoe Prints
Q-Q-tip Painting
R- Red Ribbon Rectangles (use ribbon and make them into rectangles)
S- Sponge Painting
T- Toothpic Triangles
U- Upside down pictures
V- Vegetable prints
W- water colors
X- X-rays (use Q-tips to make skeletons)
Y- Yellow Yarn
Z- Zig Zags

hope that helps a little
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