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mini lessons
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I teach 3rd and 4th grade. Not knowing what grade you teach, I am not sure this will be helpful, but I will try.

When I teach a mini lesson I try to use a I, we, you approach. First I begin by showing a selection to read on my document camera and I read it all at once without pausing. I would ask the class what they thought of my reading. Normally students (at my grade level anyway) notice that I didn't stop or pause. We discuss the use of different types of punctuation and I read the selection again, noticing the punctuation and "reading" it as well (stop at periods, pause at commas, inflect on exclamations and questions). Then I have the class all read it together. For their practice time, they would break up into partners and read a picture book together. While one student reads, the partner will be responsible for monitoring the reader's use of punctuation. Then they will switch. After both have had a chance, we bring the group back together and discuss how it went.

Hope that helps.
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