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To start...
Old 08-28-2009, 08:19 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #6

How fun, what a great idea to compare a day at the beach in two very different locales.

I would start with a basic "I poem", students can choose the order and then elaborate. They don't "have to" use all the senses unless you require it. Sometimes the poem sounds better without the akward line about "taste" (for instance) that the student just make up because they might not have tasted anything at all.


I see gulls
I hear the waves
I smell the air
I feel the sand
I taste the mist


I see the gulls circling the surf
I hear the waves crashing on the rocks
I smell the ocean air
I feel the sand between my toes
I taste the damp mist

Continue to revise and reorder until it sounds great. The senses and descrpitions can be more interesting if the students take out some of the "I" sentences.

My beach air smells
salty and damp,
I taste it as I squish sand
between my toes.

I hear the waves crash
and seagulls squack.
They circle and search
for a snack.

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