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virtual schedule thoughts/help
Old 08-09-2020, 04:15 PM
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I'm sure you are all feeling the same as me - having to rethink every single aspect of the day is exhausting!! I have two whole group times each day. One is our morning meeting, and one is near the end of the day which is our designated "writing" time (but will end up being something else). I keep going back and forth on how to schedule these and would love any thoughts! My time frames are firm.

Morning is 10-15 minutes
I'd love to start with our good morning song, but that also eats up precious time. Do I keep it, or play it as they log in? Or do I play a different song each morning as they log in (like a song to go with what we are studying that week)?

Question of the day - I love this as a getting to know you/attendance activity. But I also love doing a morning greeting. Any good ideas for combining the two? I have lots of questions, and they would entail either a thumbs up/down, showing an emotion on their face, and maybe something like holding up a crayon that's the color of their answer.

Morning message - I generally do this each morning, but wonder if I have time. If I do, should I do it on the board where I can still point to the words as we read, correct things and show proper printing, etc? Or just do it digitally? Do you think 10-15 minutes is enough for the QOTD and a message?

If I don't do a message, then I would do preview of the day and show them the check-off list and talk through it.

Afternoon Time - 30 min
If I don't do a greeting in the morning, maybe I can do it here? We do responsive classroom and none of my greeting routines will really work online, so that needs a lot of thought.

If I don't do a morning message, I'm thinking maybe a daily message here that reviews the day or talks about the next day.

Calendar - I won't have time during our math instruction, so this seems like the only place it will fit. We are starting small and then building up to a calendar notebook.

Phonemic Awareness - I am new to Heggerty this year. I hear it takes 10-15 minutes?

Writing - whatever this entails... I'll think about that later, but I know that doing it whole group won't be effective.

Thank you for any thoughts, ideas, etc. I am dearly missing my partner - it's always so much easier to make these decisions with two people!

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