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Clip to ScrapBook #4

All of these are totally normal:

*does not color in the lines
*does not color more than one color on a page, which means that she doesn't color different parts of picture
*cannot write letters or numbers, including her name
*traces letters and numbers out of order - in other words, she traces over lines but not in the order that would allow her to reproduce those letters or numbers independently
She also doesn't read any words by sight, although she does know her letters and sounds (thank you, LeapFrog!).

In fact, the last part is more advanced than most of my incoming kinders. I definitely always have 1-4 reluctant colorers too. it's not that they can't, it's just that most of them don't want to. Usually I encourage it by showing them LOTS of books and talking about how pretty the pictures are because they use lots of colors. Usually they want to start replicating, though some are stubborn and stay reluctant most the year. At which point, I make it a class rule that each picture needs to have 3+ colors

This is a little more interesting:
*cannot draw any representational pictures

two things could be happening here. Either her handwriting and drawing is poor and she needs to work on muscle control. Which is totally normal and expected of children who haven't worked much on hand strength. Things like play dough, tweezers, and other game help. Google "hand strength games" for ideas.

OR it's possible that she's unable to physically represent pictures because her brain isn't making the connection. For example, if you read her a book about frogs and ask her to draw a frog, it would be very concerning if she drew something different, or if she drew something illegible AND wasn't able to tell you that it was a frog. If this is the case, I would bring it up with her teacher and ask for ideas.
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