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The issues about technology and diversity are definitely important. Can you take a class NOW in educational technology? At the very least, start trying to use whatever technology you do have access to as much as you possibly can so that when you interview you'll honestly be able to give some examples of using it in your teaching.

Same sort of thing with the diversity issue. What can you do NOW to help overcome that lack? Could you do some volunteer tutoring in the public schools? Was your student teaching in a more diverse setting?

Make sure that you are up on the current trends in education in your county. Perhaps you know some public school teachers in your area and can find out what is new there. Sometimes you can find out by reading school board minutes online or going to meetings. Being up to date on these things helps to counter the age thing. But really, the problem is not with age, it's when a person seems closed to new ideas and is inflexible.

Make age and experience an asset--which it is when paired with enthusiasm, energy, willingness to try new ideas.
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