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Not a common practice in my district, thankfully. I have 23 kids on my caseload currently with two part time IA's. Almost half of my kids have either behavior plans or some type of behavior so that I have to provide supervision in the gen. ed. environs much of the time. I teach primary (K-4) so I get almost all the referrals. I do my own academic testing, scoring, and writing up. I barely have time in the day now to breathe, let alone keep data on general ed. kids.

Our title program doesn't seem to do intensive interventions either. I know they serve a lot of kids, but this needs to be one of the interventions. We were able to secure a part time interventionist (she is actually a sped teacher, working in title) with stimulus funds...who is great, but spread thin. Luckily, we are going to have her full time next year. Her role will be to work with kids before they are referred.

I feel terrible for special ed. teachers, already spread so thin, if they have to start being the interventionist as well. This actually makes me angry. How much more can we do?
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