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My main advice don't take the kids' behavior personally. If they say you are the worst teacher they ever had and they can't stand the sight of you-don't take it personally. If they say you are the best teacher they ever had and they wish you could be their mom-don't take it personally!

Take time before school starts to communicate your beliefs and expectations for the year with your classroom assistants. It is important that all the adults are on the same page.

Don't worry about the mulit-age aspect. It will feel very natural and right in a very short time. School is the only place we segregate people by age anyway. Except for teaching grade level standards try to forget who is in which grade. It will make very little difference in the day-to-day running of your classroom.

Pair up with a reg. ed. teacher at each grade level and include your kids as much as possible in the life of the school
Hold each child accountable to do his or her best each and every day.
Congratulations! You are going to love this job!
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