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Child with ODD
Old 05-07-2019, 12:32 PM
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Hi All,
This boy in my classroom must certainly have ODD. Background: I moved recently to this new state and school and am very burned out. During this past school year he has at times been difficult but I took it a step at a time and he had good days and bad days. But I am having trouble managing this situation because of the emotional exhaustion I am feeling now at end of the year. He looks at me with such hatred at times but then can be a friendly and hardworking student. Excellent reader. He is 9 years old. It just seems to be going downhill lately I think because he is anxious about going to next grade. I have met with parents 3 times. School counselor and a coordinator joined me but no principal or VP. Lately this child pretends to shoot me with a shotgun and makes the sound effect when he does it (has happened twice.) Now he is goofing around behind me in class and openly making fun of me. Third grade classroom. I only have 13 days left. I've tried to offer rewards but they don't work. I try to keep him really busy with class jobs. I've offered enrichment opportunities but he doesn't apply himself. He is a very capable student and probably has a high IQ. Socially he is awkward. Question: how do I manage this kid for the rest of the year? He gets so angry at times he will not respond to what I ask or say. It's like ignoring him or calling for help are the only options I have left. I did tell his parents that I was out of options in the classroom for how to manage him. I have been filling them in every 2 or 3 days with news of his behavior. I think my involving his parents has made a bad situation worse (meaning it has made him angrier because they took away all of his electronics. - overall and longterm I know it is to his benefit though and I am glad I called the meetings) Good news is parents will take him for medical/psyche evaluation. They openly said they don't know what to do with him with this over the top behavior. They said they know it has nothing to do with me. He is like this at home. He occasionally hits kids, kicks, yells, wanders around my classroom when he wants to. Bangs things to deliberately draw attention to himself. Talks baby talk sometimes. I do think when I ignore him, if a few minutes go by, he loses interest in the bad behavior and can get back to work. But when he gets up and stomps around just to tick me off in the middle of instruction , it is hard to ignore! He has walked up and yelled into other students' faces before. He also punched a girl in her backpack super hard in front of me. I think when I approach administration about a matter regarding this student I need to be way more assertive. I think because i am new to the position (I have 12 years teaching experience but new to school) I am trying to appear to be able to handle the situation rather than saying "Come and help me now" Actually the VP did say if this kid ever pretends shoots me again I should call him. So I need to reach out for their help, I suppose. I will do that from now on. I'm just tired and needing to VENT! HA! Thank you for listening! He is screaming out for help with this bad behavior. I am grateful that soon he will have professional counseling to help him. Any ideas are very much appreciated!
Thank you all!

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