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Extracurricular Activities
Old 05-09-2019, 05:17 PM
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Moving into my 17th year.

For the past 16, I've done many afterschool clubs (about 5 or 6 each year).

I've done every club imaginable.

Now, all the newer teachers are doing a lot of clubs and I'm considering cutting back.

Here's the rub.

Our principal and other administrators have made it known that staying afterschool and doing clubs are of the utmost importance in keeping our jobs during these times of drastic budget cuts.

Our principal even suggested (in a written evaluation) to a 20 year veteran primary teacher that she do a club.

This is a fairly new attitude.

All those years I did clubs, no one gave a hoot.

Never thought I'd want to cut back, but I'm seriously considering it.

One club I do is a ton of work and ends up costing me a ton of money (because I spoil the kids.)

Just do not want to get deemed a "bad teacher" if I stop doing clubs.

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