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That is not reading (long)
Old 05-10-2019, 01:12 PM
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I like to think that I have gotten pretty good about letting things roll of my back this school year.

However, one of my attendants said something head scratching today. I teach middle school Life Skills FWIW.

He has a language paper he is supposed to be working on with a student at his station today.

I overheard him riding the student about not being able to read directions to the paper. I never make students read directions on their papers, especially if it is not about reading.

This student (cognitive impairment and probably dyslexic too) reads at a beginning kindergarten level and is primarily working on functional words. I redirect attendant to read the directions to the student and work on the skill. Attendant insists he is getting student to read (no he gets the student to repeat the word back to him).

I let the attendant know it is great he wants to help student with reading, but we have books and flashcards available if they have time to work on them.

We move on. I overhear same attendant attempting to have the student independently read and answer questions on a much higher reading level.

I have previously asked attendant to use these passages to practice comprehension with the student and read the passage and the answer choice aloud for the student. Again, I show attendant where the flash cards and books on student's level are.

I also remind him that if we present student with higher-level work he shuts down and acts out. He especially acts out for this attendant, who thinks the kid is lazy.

Attendant calls me over a little bit later and asks me to model what I mean when I say read the passage and answer choices aloud. Huh?

I feel bad that I never noticed this before, but another very loud attendant was out today and I can here what this attendant is doing.

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