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I'm a first year teacher too
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And while I'm not in the same school, I am in the same very small grouping of charter schools where everyone knows everyone across campuses.

1. Has anyone experienced in your first year feeling like you are treated much "less" of a teacher than other teachers?

- I haven't felt like I was treated "less" really, but I definitely do feel like I'm not valued as much as my co-teachers (to admin and to the rest of my team). For example, one admin has all the staff kids and is the chair and is responsible for a lot more. The other teacher, a second year, is always asked by admin to do things, like tutor low kids or run programs or add insight on things. I'm never asked anything really, which I guess is nice since I don't have much extra to stress about but it also makes me feel invalidated.

2. Do you believe this could be simply that I am in my first year and once I get this year under my belt it will improve?

- Probably, though I really can't speak on this since I'm also a first year.

3. Should I address this issue with her or just continue to do my absolute best for my students?

- Do not address it. In my experience, it will feel like a good idea to address it, but the best outcome is that it's resolved and the worst outcome is that it gets 100% worse or it ruins your relationship then it will just cause even more anxiety after when you're wondering how she took it. The good outcome is not valuable enough to be worth the risk.

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