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Taken advantage of
Old 05-15-2019, 11:59 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

As a media specialist, of course I see all classrooms each week. One teacher in particular is constantly late to pick up her kids.

One time, after waiting six or seven minutes and knowing that they were due at an additional resource right after mine, I walked the students down to art rather than continue to hold them.

That was a mistake, because she started being a no-show fairly regularly, about 50 percent of the time. Like today.

Plus, our principal told the teachers that they needed to do a bathroom break before resource and that no children were to leave resource to go to the bathroom. Period. About halfway through the lesson, no less than six students have individually asked to go to the bathroom and some of them are doing the pee-pee dance. (Kinders)

So, teacher no-shows again. No excuse of "forgetting" this time, because I sent the library books back to class with two students, and she was in there. All the kids I told that they would have to wait are squirming, and of course several copycats besides. So, I take them to do a class bathroom break and then take them to art. I'm pretty annoyed, but not showing it.

The kicker: While at the bathroom break, Student A (in trouble every day) punches Student B (usually not so bad) in the stomach. I send student A to his class (to get him away from Student B) and tell him to report to his teacher what happened, then take the rest of the class to art. Teacher sends student A on to art.

Meanwhile, I get to spend my planning time writing up a referral, talking to principal about referral, then hunting down teacher to give her a copy of the referral and pass along principal's instructions to teacher, and of course informing teacher of what happened. Teacher said they had a bathroom break at 12:30 and shouldn't have needed to go. (It was 2:20 when I took them.)

The only bright side, the principal asked me why I was in the hallway with the students doing a bathroom break. I told her.

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