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Joined: May 2009
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Old 05-15-2019, 04:39 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #5

This is a complete disrespect of your time, and honestly devaluing your position in your school. You are not a babysitter.

Here’s what I would do - buzz the office and say, “Could you buzz Mrs. Smith and let her know she’s late to pick up her students AGAIN, please?”

Then, line the kids up on the hall outside your door and go about your business. If you had back to back classes, and she pulled that crap, that’s what you’d have to do anyway. Otherwise, other teachers having to stand outside your room would cut into their preps as well.

Plus, our building has cameras in the halls, so there’s definitely “someone” watching.

Good for you for telling your Principal, because that teacher is definitely taking advantage of you.

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