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Clip to ScrapBook #3

Grade them as is. Hand them back and give three days for revisions and clean copies.

I teach 7th/8th. We do everything you mentioned. We go so far as to post all notes on Google classroom. We do a complete annotated sample paper. We include resource information - required components, score sheets so they know exactly what we are looking for, and starters (i.e., for their speech they got a page of questions to consider as they researched).
And, we give them another copy of the rubric between the rough and final draft. We review the rubric, have them look it over carefully, and gave them check off things they’re included. Then, they gave an opportunity to add or fix what us nit checked off the rubric.

Considering you tackled it together and it’s all they heard from your team, the papers should be darn near perfect. But they aren’t. So, grade them as is and hand them back. Give them a chance to process. Then, offer the opportunity to revise and don’t give much wiggle room for it. Those who revise benefit, those who don’t get the grade they truly deserve.
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