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Can’t you just take my word for it?
And that ladies and gentleman is the question! It took me 3 years to realized just that. This is finally when I began to understand what it is really happening in education.

Every day, our word is in question. If it wasn't, administration wouldn't be asking for the students version of events and would give them their hard earned consequences. Instead, every single day, teachers are treated like children and the students have the power.

The students get to disrespect the teacher, get out of their desk, throw paper airplanes, walk out of the classroom, use fowl language, raise their tone, make constant noises, blow buggers on others, dance, sing, clap while we are trying to teach. When we report the incidents, administration come up with excuses such as: the teacher didn't enforce certain rule, didn't build a relationship, is unfair. Administration will also allow students to pick favorite teachers to go to, they change the attendance, grades and so on, talk with parents behind your back. All of these action undermines the teachers authority.

Yes! Absolutely. We teachers are treated like the misbehaving child, the one causing all the problems every single day. Our word will not stand against that of an 11 year old child and an angry ready to sue mama.

Yes, you are correct. Our word is worth zero.

I pray every day for cameras in the classroom. Some people oppose it, I don't!

I can't wait to show mom: some kids do get out of their desks for nooo reason at all to curse, hit and do other misdeeds. Just because they can get away with it.

It is about time that I say it, I "teach" cuddled up young delinquents. And my word IS in question against theirs daily.
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