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Great thread
Old 11-20-2021, 12:56 PM

I used to be somewhat (?) well rounded:
- I love to read
- dance (ballet, tap)
- hike
- ski
- garden / grow veggies & herbs
- beach: SUP board / surf
- bible study & church (still do)
- craft: scrapbook, refinish furniture
- bake / cook
- listen to tapes to learn Spanish (I understand WAY more than I’m comfortable to speak)
- I speak German (once upon a time I was fluent - now I’m rusty and probably only conversational).

What I really miss is going out into the community: the library, stores (just to browse), book - bake / cook shops, mom & pop shops of ALL kinds. I used to say when I became a SAHM I’d audit a class at the local community Rec/college
Yeah right, with what time ?!?!
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